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February 12, 2017
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 80% wool carpets in PartingtonAre you searching for 80% wool carpets in Partington? There are many advantages to choosing wool carpets. Firstly, since wool is made of natural fibres, it is non-allergenic and hygienic. It deters bacterial growth, dust mites and releases no harmful gases. Secondly, wool provides extra grip. This is a beneficial quality for accident prevention, good posture and balance. Thirdly, wool is flame resistant. If it comes into contact with fire, it will self-extinguish. Wool has an upper pile forming that prevents burning. Fourthly, wool is an environmentally friendly material. It is harvested by shaving sheep. The sheep are able to regrow this wool fibre. Harvesting this wool does not harm the animal or the environment. Lastly, wool carpeting has durability. It can withstand wear-and-tear, foot traffic, weather and environmental factors. Wool is a strong fibre.

If you live in Partington, 80% wool carpets can be purchased at Baileys Carpet Centre. Our selection of luxury carpeting and flooring is second to none! We proudly promote British carpets; wool and wool rich ones in particular. If you’re looking for a soft floor covering that also offers warmth, luxury and sound insulation; then wool is the best choice. Within our wool carpets, we offer different piles: shag, loop, Saxony, velvet and twist. We recommend heavy and dense pile carpets in high foot traffic areas. Some of the brands we carry are Axminster, Wilton, Berber and Stretford.

If you’re looking for flooring that offers warmth and comfort, choose 80% wool carpets in Partington. Contact Baileys Carpet Centre today or come down to our centre and get a feel for the wide selection 80% wool carpets we have on offer. Wool carpets are an ideal floor covering for all homes. They can be installed in any room of the house and will add a look of sophistication and class. Wool carpets are available is a large selection of different colours and style. Our affordable prices include both delivery and fitting – you will not find any hidden extras when you receive your invoice. Change the look of your home with a stunning 80% wool carpet from Baileys Carpets!

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