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Axminster Carpets in ChorltonAxminster carpets in Chorlton have an interesting history. Axminster is a town and civil parish on the eastern border of the county of Devon, and gave its name to a type of carpet. An Axminster-type power loom can weave high quality carpets with many varying colours and patterns. While it famously gave its name to a particular weave of carpet, the history of the town is very much linked to the carpet industry. Started by Thomas Whitty, at Court House near the church in 1755, the completion of the early hand tufted carpets was marked by a peal of bells from the parish church. This was done as it took a great amount of time and labour to complete them.

In Chorlton, Axminster carpets are available from Baileys Carpets. You can view their range of exquisite Axminster carpets. While you have a good look at the carpets, you can speak to the expert staff at Baileys for advice and suggestions for the most suitable choice of Axminster carpet for your home. You may be asked if you require the carpet for a busy area within your home or if it is for a bedroom. Imagine a quality woven carpet with delicate shades for your bedroom, or a bolder, patterned carpet for the lounge? Baileys Carpets aim to provide a simple and as easy as possible experience by helping you choose the right carpet for you. They will visit your home, should you require, to see the floors you’re planning to cover, so that they can advise you on site.

Choose beautiful Axminster carpets in Chorlton at Baileys Carpets’ showroom. To ensure the best possible service for you, they also offer an efficient estimating service for accurate quotes. You will also be pleased to note that the quotation also includes the cost for delivery and installation! If you would like more information about stunning Axminster carpets, contact Baileys Carpets.

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