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October 24, 2016
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Axminster Carpets in TimperleyGet the benefit of Axminster carpets in Timperley for your home. The difference is in the way it is woven and the materials used in making it. Axminster carpets uses very high quality yarn for their backing. Their backing is from jute and cotton, leaving small holes for the yarn to be woven through. This makes the lines straight and true. The number of holes per square inch is the “pitch” of the carpet. If the holes are bigger, a thicker thread can be used. This produces a more intense texture for the carpet.

When you want a heavier, more lush carpet in Timperley, Axminster carpets can be found at Baileys Carpets. We are happy to promote British carpets, such as the wool carpets. Wool provides warmth and wearability. The Axminster brand was named after the town were the first British carpets were woven in 1755. They have been known since then for their quality and style. Baileys Carpets started in 1983. We sell a variety of different types of carpet, but we specialise in wool carpets, because of their quality and durability. We are a family owned business, started by John and Kathleen Bailey. Our son John and his wife Lynda now run the business.

When purchasing your new Axminster carpets in Timperley through Baileys, you can rest assured you will have the best quality product and the highest quality customer service possible. Contact Baileys Carpets and we will answer any questions you may have about Axminster carpets. We will help you find just the right carpet for your home. You can stop in to our showroom and take a look at the carpets we have available. You can take carpet samples home to match them up with your furniture. We will then come and measure your rooms and install your carpet for you.

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