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December 12, 2016
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Berber Carpets in PartingtonBerber carpets in Partington are an excellent option for decorating your home. This carpet features a low profile, loop-pile construction with slight flecks of colour coming through the fibres. This speckled look is visually appealing because it consists of a mixture of dark and light flecks of colour. However, you can also opt for solid coloured Berber carpets. Berber carpeting is casual so it can complement any home décor style, from country to contemporary. The fibres in Berber carpeting consist of thick loops which form a soft and comfortable surface to walk on. These fibres influence the performance, colour and price of Berber carpets. You may purchase Berber carpets in 5 fibre options. These are nylon, polyester, olefin/polypropylene, triexta and wool. Nylon fibres have a reputation for durability so they’re great in homes with heavy foot traffic. Polyester Berber carpet fibres are porous so they can take on any colour. Its fibres are durable yet soft, so you may install them in bedrooms. Olefin fibres remain bright and resist fading for many years. They’re also environmentally friendly. Triexta fibres are soft and resistant to fading. They maintain elasticity and are great for hallways. Lastly, wool fibre Berber carpets are soil resistant and durable, with a soft texture. This is an eco-friendly choice.

If you reside in Partington, Berber carpets can be found at Baileys Carpets. We have nearly three decades of experience in selling smooth floorings and carpeting. Our company specialises in wool carpets, patterned Axminsters and velvets. We are an established, family-owned and operated company, so we take great pride in what we do.

If you are thinking about installing carpeting in your home, consider Berber carpets in Partington. Contact Baileys Carpet Centre for more information about quality Berber Carpets. From the moment you walk into our shop, we will help you make the best choice for your home. You’ll be blown away by the sheer volume of options.

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