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Berber Carpets in UrmstonDecorate with Berber carpets in Urmston to give your room an eye-catching makeover. A wide selection is available at Bailey’s Carpets. These traditionally North African carpets are extremely durable, tough and good-looking, and well suited to high traffic areas in your home or office. Originally hand-woven by the Berber people of North Africa, these carpets were crafted with a distinctive look and feel, cultural motifs, designs, patterns and symbols. Though there are many modern versions of the Berber carpet in nylon, olefin fiber, and wool and different blends of these, the authentic Berber carpet is still produced in hand-spun wool. One of the characteristics of Berber carpets is that they are extremely versatile, since they’re usually woven in neutral shades that blend with any interior décor design and provide a discreet yet distinctive backdrop.

Though there are several varieties known as “Berber”, at Baileys Carpets, we offer only the genuine article. In Urmston, Berber carpets should be purchased only after verifying that they are indeed the real goods. Modern technological innovations have resulted in so-called Berber carpets being mass-produced in a variety of materials with different polymers coatings to make them stain resistant. Even rugs and carpets purchased in Morocco, where they originally come from, could be a low-quality reproduction produced only for export. However, for the true connoisseur of Berber carpets buying a real Berber is indeed a thrill. There are many different types of Berber carpets, and typically they are made of pure wool that’s taken from live sheep. They’re typically woven using the loop weave technique. The materials used may be wool or nylon or different blends. The colours are usually neutral, with natural dark flecks.

Cheaper variations of Berber carpets in Urmston can work out expensive in the long run, as they may unravel and snag on furniture, children’s and pets’ legs, trip seniors or people with disabilities. Contact Baileys Carpets to find out more about Berber carpets. Berbers manufactured from PET or olefin fiber tend to attract and retain dust and grime, making them difficult to clean. Call us for detailed information on buying a genuine, versatile, long-lasting and authentic carpet for your home or office.

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