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Bleach Cleanable Carpets in TimperleyBleach cleanable carpets in Timperley are low maintenance and stylish. They have been specially made from high-quality polypropylene fibres.  They are soft and warm and very practical. These carefree carpets are stain resistant even when red wine is spilled on a light coloured carpet.  If mud is walked into the carpet it can be easily removed by first vacuuming off the large pieces and then cleaning with a bleach solution.  Always dilute the bleach solution to half bleach and half water.  Never use other chemicals or cleaners with the bleach as this could cause harmful vapours to develop. When something liquid spills on the carpet blot it up and do not rub. Try dabbing the carpet with a damp cloth and warm water to lift the stain.

If you want easy to clean stain free floor covering in Timperley, bleach cleanable carpets will allow you to remove any accidental spill easily. We know how easily accidents can happen and a bright coloured blotch in the middle of a carpet can be a nightmare. Bleach cleanable carpets are soft and comfortable and provide a luxurious feel. They are less expensive than wool or wool mix carpets but have the advantage of being child and pet-friendly. When your house is lived in and treated like a home you need a carpet that will cater to the family’s lifestyle. You need not panic every time someone drops something on the carpet and the children can relax too.

Bleach cleanable carpets in Timperley are the perfect flooring for a home with small children.  Contact Baileys Carpets today to view our wide range of bleach cleanable carpets. We are a family run business with over 27 years of experience in supplying and fitting all types of flooring.  We have a wide range of British carpet suppliers and where possible try to stock local products. We stock a large number of wool carpets but these are not beach cleanable. Visit our showroom and feel the various textures of our carpets.

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