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June 19, 2016
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Carpets in UrmstonIf you are looking for carpets in Urmston that are proudly British, Baileys Carpets have a superb range of top quality carpets. For over 27 years, this family run business has provided first class carpets and smooth floorings. They specialise mainly in wool carpets, with a large selection of twists, velvets and patterned axminsters. In 1755, the very first British carpet was woven in the market town of Axminster. Thereafter, Axminster and other British manufacturers have earned a sterling reputation for style, quality and excellence.

In Urmston, carpets can add a luxurious look to any room in the home. As British carpets are mainly wool, or wool-mix carpets, a touch of elegance is all but guaranteed. Carpets undoubtedly have a large number of benefits over other flooring types. Wool, or wool-mix carpets, in particular, have a luxury soft feel, absorb sound, provide insulation and are eye catching in their design and quality. Carpets also have different textures, and each type of texture has its own unique qualities. For a deep, soft pile, a shag pile carpet is ideal for a bedroom. For areas with more foot traffic and heavy wear, such as a passage way, a loop pile or twist pile would be more suitable. These types are hard wearing and less prone to show scuffs and marks.

Carpets in Urmston can be the final touch in the decorating of a room. Good quality carpets will last a life time, providing warmth, good looks and style to any room in your home. When you decide it is time to purchase new carpets, pay Baileys Carpets a well-earned visit. You will be awed by the carpets in their collection and most likely will be at a loss for choice! Their expert staff will gladly assist you in choosing the perfect carpet for your home. They will provide an estimation for the carpet of your choice, as well as the delivery and fitting. For a carpet that exudes style and luxury, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful carpet from Baileys Carpets. For more information about carpets, contact Baileys Carpets.

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