Carpet Ranges

Bailey’s Carpet Centre is proud to promote British carpets, especially the wool and woolrich qualities. Wool has the wearability and warmth a good carpet needs.

Overview of British Carpets
The first British carpet was woven in the market town of Axminster in 1755. Since then, Axminster and other British manufacturers have developed a reputation for QUALITY, STYLE and ELEGANCE. Most British carpets are made from either 100% wool or 80% wool reinforced with nylon, offering the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Choosing the Right Carpet...

Carpet has numerous benefits over other floor coverings – warmth, sound insulation properties and a luxury soft feel. Here are a few of our top tips to follow when buying carpet for your home.

Let us help you select the right carpet
Remember – heavier weight and higher pile density carpets last longer in heavy wear areas.

Carpet Textures Explained...

Twist Pile

Hard wearing and less prone to show marks and scuffs.

Velvet Pile

A close cut, short pile with a smooth feel.


A dense construction with a soft feel.

Loop Pile

Durable construction, available in natural or berber flecked colours.

Shag Pile

Luxury deep pile with a soft feel.

A small selection of the carpet manufacturers we supply:

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