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November 5, 2016
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Wilton Carpets in DaveyhulmeWilton carpets in Davyhulme were first made in Wilton, Wiltshire in the 18th century. The Wilton carpet is any carpet made on a Wilton loom. The carpet has a very luxurious velvety feel to it. Many historic buildings have Wilton carpets with fantastic designs on them. The Wilton carpets available today still have the reputation of being one of the best carpets you can buy. The yarn used to make the carpets are mostly wools of exceptional quality. Wilton carpets are often used by hotels and large corporations as any design can be woven into them and they are one of the most lavish and well appointed carpets available. If upmarket hotels and corporate offices purchase them as their choice of sumptuous and luxurious flooring then they are definitely worth fitting in your lovely home.

If you need new flooring in Davyhulme, Wilton carpets may be what you need. With soft and plush Wilton carpets your home will instantly feel elegant and stylish. There is a wide array of colours and designs to choose from. These carpets are exceptionally durable as well as being velvety due to the way they are woven. The closeness of the pile means that they are thick and luxurious. This is just what you want on the floors in your home. Because of the way they are made and the care that is taken in the weaving these are ultra high quality carpets that will last for years and hugely improve the value of your home. They make especially lovely flooring for a bedroom where they are stylish and soft on bare feet. In a hall with heavy traffic they show their worth by being hard wearing while still having style.

Wilton carpets in Davyhulme are some of the best made carpets available. Contact Baileys Carpets today to find the Wilton carpet that best suits your home. There is an astonishing variety of patterns and colours for you to choose from and our helpful and friendly staff will measure the rooms you want carpeted and offer you a free quotation.

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