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Wool Carpets in Chorlton cum Hardy Wool carpets in Chorlton cum Hardy can add elegance, warmth and comfort to your interiors and at Baileys Carpets, you get a wide variety of choices in terms of design, textures and colours.

When most people think of carpeting, wool is the obvious fibre that comes to mind, though today there are hundreds of natural and synthetic materials available, many of which are cheaper and more easily available. But pure wool carpets are a class apart and when properly maintained and well-cared-for, they can become heirloom pieces that are cherished down the generations in families. Carpets have been a staple floor covering for centuries in many countries including the UK and it’s easy to understand why. They add colour, interest and a welcoming softness to a room, along with giving it insulation against the cold. Wool is a naturally breathing, fire-resistant, stain-repellent, anti-static material.

Carpets are basically made the same way when they’re hand-woven, and generally consist of a backing made of tough fabric like canvas or jute, with a pile or surface yarn fixed on to it. As in other places, in Chorlton cum Hardy, wool carpet quality is judged according to the depth and density of the pile, as well as the type of fibre it’s made from. Our expert design team can assist you with choosing the right carpets for your interiors, whether residential or commercial. We can also provide free quotes and estimates for your rooms and offer a variety of options to suit your taste, needs and budget.

Though wool is more expensive than other materials used for carpets, in the long run, wool carpets in Chorlton cum Hardy retain their freshness and brightness for years to come. For more information about beautiful wool carpets, contact Baileys Carpets. They need regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, preferably daily in high traffic areas, if you have pets and children. Woolen carpets may absorb protein-based liquids like meat-juices or blood and these need to be immediately removed when you have a spillage.  A thorough professional cleaning at designated times in the year keeps your carpet looking soft and new. Visit our showroom for more information on our products.

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